Our Materials and Ethics

Our planet and the environment is at the centre of everything The Fourth House Candle Company creates. We have worked hard to ensure all our products are as clean and environmentally friendly as possible, we source products as locally as possible to keep our carbon foot print low. 

Our premises are powered by renewable energy sources, we currently have a small amount of on site solar and plan to expand this as our business grows. 

Why We Use Soy Wax:

100% natural vegan wax made from soy beans.

Soy wax is a clean burn and considered non-toxic, unlike paraffin wax which gives off carcinogens when burned.  

Soy is sustainable, no fossil fuels or petroleum are used in its production.

No chemicals are needed to perfume the wax, natural vegan fragrance oils used.

A longer burn, as soy burns slower than paraffin.

The soy wax we use is high quality sustainable, biodegradable and manufactured in the UK.

Why Wood Wicks:

Wood wicks are the more sustainable choice. The production of cotton wicks involves use of heavy pesticides and is a water intensive process and some are also known to contain lead.

Thousands of wood wicks can be sourced from a single tree. Our wood wicks are sourced from sustainable FSC certified sources and are not commercially treated in any way. 

Wood wicks burn more evenly and cleanly than cotton wicks and produce less soot.

The crackling sound the burning wick produces creates an ambient atmosphere similar to a crackling wood fire. A great option for those without a fireplace to create a perfect mood.

Our Fragrances:

All our fragrance oils, are vegan-friendly, cruelty free and paraben-free.