Our Collections

The Fourth House Candle Company has 6 signature fragrances which are at the core of each of our collections. Each collection reflects a mood or theme that aligns with our brand ethos which is embedded in home, family, ritual as the fourth house in astrology. 

The One Collection:

If your looking for a candle to fit your mood or your room this easy to shop collection has a clean modern look that will fit perfectly in any room.

The Expressive Collection:

Say it with a candle! Whether some motivational words or a reminder of how amazing you are this range adds humour and inspiration along with comforting fragrances. 

The Classic Collection:

Keeping it simple, this collection offers a classic look with simple yet delicate icons of key ingredients. 

The Crystal Collection:

For centuries crystals have been used in homes to ward off negative energy and encourage positivity and balance. This premium range is embedded with beautiful crystals making these candles both visually pleasing and energetically charged.

Crystals should be removed once wax has melted, they can then be cleansed / energised and used for decoration or to aid in manifestation.

Seasonal Collections:

To celebrate and mark occasions throughout the year, seasonal fragrances and special editions will be added, sign up to our mailing list and follow us online for the latest news and updates.