Some words from the candlemaker.

My passion for candles began at a young age. I have wonderful childhood memories of making colour dipped candles at a farm shop in Cornwall during the summer holidays and being fascinated by the melted wax and the products that were created. As a teen my first weekend job was working at the local candle shop; I loved it and worked weekends and holidays for 5 years before I moved into a career in buying. After 15 years in buying, working with everything from handbags to beauty to stationery to lingerie and craft, I wanted to create something that would bring people joy whilst being environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. So many products are made without thought or regard for the long-term impact on the world and the environment. My ambition is to create a brand that is about doing good and feeling good. Every component is considered, everything is sourced as locally as possible and all elements must be recycled / recyclable and vegan. I hope you will all support me in further developing products that are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, whilst allowing indulgence in beautiful scents and aromas that can make a grey day feel a bit more sunshine and rainbows...

Quotes that have inspired me: 

'Don't be like the rest of them darling' - Coco Chanel

'I never dreamed about success I worked for it' - Estee Lauder

'I work hard so my dog can have a nice life' - Unknown